Leading Fintech Solution provider from Singapore to the World.

IFKAP is an international Fintech solution provider.
Fintech may be a newly recognized word.

Our Vision

To be one of the world’s leading Fintech solution service provider, providing only the best Fintech experience for all IFKAP users.

Our Mission

We aim to provide world’s best Fintech solution experience across all industries all over the world.

Our Passion

Our passion is to be true system integrator and consultant. We bridge the gap between business and technology.

Little about IFKAP

Little about IFKAP

IFKAP started it's business in Singapore in 2011 to expand Mobile APP icon business from Singapore to South-East Asia.
When the business grows, we had some clients wanting to accept new Financial technology but didn't know how.
IFKAP listened to our clients needs and expanded our business solutions from Mobile APP icon business to Leading Fintech solution provider.

IFKAP doesn't stop growing.
We are always close to our clients and keep expanding our skills/services to meet our clients need.

Payment Processing

IFAKP has experience developing a wide range of payment processing solutions, payment gateways, and card payment service, Interested in developing your own system or integrating into an existing one? If so, let us help you find the right approach.

Prepaid card solution

Whether you're paying staff expenses, payroll, buying office supplies or looking for a low cost alternative to corporate credit cards, our IFKAP Prepaid Business Card is the solution for your business.

Blockchain Solutions

IFKAP gets a lot of questions about new and emerging Fintech technologies, like blockchain. You can count on IFKAP to be in front of even the newest innovations.

Fraud Prevention

Credit card fraud is a scourge for all merchants and their customers. As an experienced payment processor, IFKAP takes any threat of card processing fraud very seriously. We offer advice on ways to help keep personal and credit card data safe from fraudsters and identity thieves.

Managed IT & Support

Managed IT Services is a proactive process of managing IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, under a subscription model. We provide Strategic consulting and outsourced services to help organizations transform their technology services into business information enabling centers using industry best practices

Consultancy Services

IFKAP has a wealth of experience in providing consultancy and advisory services to Commercial across SEA. The services include; national payment systems and core banking systems. This consultancy practice broadly covers; Project Management, Business Process Re-Engineering and Training.

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Vast Fintech experience
For over almost decade, we have been developing Fintech solutions for established companies and startups. The list of our clients includes recognized Fintech companies.
Focus on security and compliance
At IFKAP, we understand the critical importance of security and compliance for the financial industry. That’s why we ensure secure development and secure system operation upon the release. Given our hands-on knowledge of the fintech markets, IFKAP adheres to the latest security and compliance practices.
Proficiency with microservices
Our portfolio includes B2B payment engine, various eCommerce solutions and more. Since 2011, we design unique solutions. This architecture ensures fast development, easy maintenance, and smooth integration with third-party services.

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